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National solutions.
One source.

Your dependable nationwide solar partner.

Our teams are ready to deploy nationwide to repower, repair, maintain, or even engineer your installation from the ground up, which means you get incredible speed, technical expertise and—most importantly—a single source to help you streamline the process.

Whatever project you need accomplished, wherever you need it done, trust the professionalism and capabilities of Rural Solar Restoration to get it done.

System Repowering

Whether it’s replacing modules and inverters to upgrade your installation or correcting serial defects as part of repowering or decommissioning your projects, we offer both the expertise and the extensive network of suppliers to get the job done. 

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Special Projects

Solar installations come in all shapes and sizes, and with every kind of need. We’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong with solar assets, and we can apply that experience to troubleshooting, removal, repurposing, and more.

Weather Remediation

There is no such thing as acceptable downtime. When extreme weather strikes—from hail to high winds to flooding—damaging assets and diminishing output, you need a team of experts who can help you get back to one hundred percent production fast, no matter where your installation is.



From aerial drone evaluations to in-depth inspections and installation commissioning, our solar experts can function as your go-to external team, seamlessly partnering with your existing teams to help you make data-driven decisions concerning your solar portfolio.

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